“U” Shaped Incisor

Case History A 21-year-old mare brought to the wet lab was in good condition for her age. The owner told us that she had some arthritic problems and had been in a trailer accident at 2 years of age. Evaluation The molar arcades had very basic problems, with small ramps, some transverse ridging,and a small […]

Equine Dental Local Anesthesia

    Equine Dental Local Anesthesia   B.W Fletcher Introduction Effective dental nerve blocks that are well tolerated by the horse are necessary when performing advanced dental procedures. Less sedation is required which increases the stability of the horse and safety for both horse and practitioner. Local anesthesia and sedation allow the oral practitioner to […]

Supernumerary Causing Displacement

Case History: A 3-year-old gelding in good condition was brought to the wet lab for routine dental evaluation. There was some foul odor coming from the mouth and the horse seemed moderately head shy while handling. Oral examination revealed abnormalities within the second quadrant. Lateral and dorsal ventral radiographs were taken of the second molar […]

Bilateral Dentigerous Cysts

Bilateral Dentigerous Cysts Bilateral dentigerous cysts are uncommon.  A dentigerous cyst, also called an erratic tooth, can developed from one or a conglomerate of teeth, surrounded by a sack or cyst of which the inside is covered with mucous membrane. Inside the mouth, the number of teeth is normal.  This deformation can be found unilaterally or bilaterally and […]