: Case History: A 5-year-old Quarter horse gelding in good condition was brought to the wet lab for dental evaluation. A large mass of soft tissue covered the anterior portion of the incisive bone and he was missing the majority of his upper incisors. There was a slight odor in this area and the […]

Fractured upper 1st molars

Case Report: Moonlight is a 13 year old horse with bilateral sagittal factures of the upper 1st molars. Earlier attempts to extract these teeth orally were unsuccessful and the horse was referred to the Academy for surgical extraction. Partial removal of the crowns was accomplished during these attempts but the majority of the reserve crown […]

Congenital Deformed Premolars

Case History A 3-year-old Quarter horse gelding was referred to the wet lab with a history of unusually shaped second premolars and facial swelling above the 206 which was becoming increasingly larger with time (Fig. 7). Evaluation Oral examination revealed normal eruption and shedding of premolars except for the second premolars. The 106 had erupted […]