Hypereruption of Incisors

Case History: A 2 1/2-year-old filly in poor condition was brought to the wet lab for dental evaluation. Prior to arriving, the filly had been tied to a post. She had lunged back and hit her upper incisors on the post, fracturing her 501 and 601. There were some small fragments of the deciduous incisors […]

Infected Canines

Case History: A 25-year-old QH gelding in poor condition, with no history of previous dentistry, was referred to the wet lab for dental evaluation. There was an incisor missing on both the upper and lower arcades and the lower canines were slightly mobile. An oral speculum was not used on this horse for examination due […]

Academy News

               Universal School of Horse Dentistry, Inc. P.O. Box 999, 242 E. 1st Ave. Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623          April 30, 2010   Greetings from Glenns Ferry!!! It’s once again time to touch base with all of you, to inform you of upcoming classes and update you on any changes.   We are now on Facebook, […]