Retained Premolar Caps

Case History:


This is a 6-year-old horse with foul odor from feed packing in the buccal 108 and 208 area.

The horse was difficult to handle while examining the oral cavity. There was no history of prior dentistry on this horse.



Initially when examined, it looked like there were bilateral sagittal fractures of the 108 and 208. After closer examination, we could see that the 108 and 208 were intact but displaced toward the palate, and the piece of fractured tooth retained on the buccal side was part of the 508 and 608.



Removal of these retained deciduous fragments will resolve this problem and is not a difficult procedure.



Eruption can be a problematic process if the teeth are misaligned. It is important that the permanent tooth erupts directly underneath the deciduous tooth, which causes dissolution of the deciduous roots and normal shedding. In this case the permanent 8’s are displaced, causing pressure only on the medial portion of the deciduous tooth during eruption. The buccal side remained connected to the gingiva due to the pressure of the buccal cheek which kept it in place.

B.W. Fletcher