Academy news December 2010


November’s Anatomy class consisted of 16 students at all levels of equine dentistry, instructed by Dr. Bernie Fletcher and Nick Stuckman RVT, CEqD, with assistance from Stephenie Carpenter.  Dental class unofficially began Sunday night with a Welcome Party at the Wet Lab, which was really a great way to get acquainted and reacquainted.  Dental class was attended by 11 PG-1, 13 PG-2, and 13 PG-3 & PG-4 students.  Eight Certified students returned for continuing education.  As usual, they were from all over the United States and the world; Canada, Caribbean, Czech Republic, Belgium, France, Spain, Germany, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, Iceland, and South Africa. Instructor John Fortkamp ACEqD was assisted by advanced instructor Troy Walck ACEqD and two-week instructor Chad Sandifer CEqD.  Students are now preparing their own power point presentations. A computer station with six computers in the Wet Lab classroom was organized prior to November class to facilitate this process and it worked very well.  Most students brought their own laptops.  We closed session with a get together after class Friday afternoon, which worked out well for those anxious to hit the road!

Congratulations to those newly Certified in Equine Dentistry!!!

* Dr. Gunter Gebbe CEqD- Germany
* Kelvin Willams CEqD – United Kingdom

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 Anatomy Class


Board members met Sunday night, November 14, 2010, to conduct regular business.

  • The Advanced program has been upgraded to an Examination Level.  Please inquire for guidelines regarding certification requirements and testing.
  • Proper attire is essential for appearing professional.  Instructors and stall leaders, and students as well, are expected to dress appropriately in the classroom and especially the wet lab.  Scrubs or smocks would be acceptable, and for those giving lectures, we suggest polo shirts or dress shirts, sweaters or blouses.  And, extra long tops are a must if you wear low rise jeans!!!
  • Presently, our website states students are required to pass exams at each level prior to advancing to the next.  This is not policy and was not acted upon, but may be considered a requirement in the future.
  • Guests are welcome!  Our policy allows for a two-day audit for observation only – no tuition, no credits, no participation!  Application and acceptance are required prior to attending.
  • The Introduction to Equine Dentistry CD is no longer available.  It will be replaced by a Horse Owner Educational CD, primarily for students to share with their clients and others.
  • We try to keep you updated with these periodic newsletters.  We will be changing our email format, which will allow for including pictures and links to the website and facebook, etc. We prefer to communicate this by email, but for those of you who don’t use email, certainly we will post them to you.

                                                                             Advanced Class


Certified in Equine Dentistry – November 2010

Dr. Gunter Gebbe CEqD  – I was born on September 19, 1965, as the fourth son of a farmer. I have studied Veterinary medicine in Hannover up to 1993.  I started working as a veterinarian in “Landgestüt Celle” and then different Praxis and Clinics.  These were my first contacts with equine dentistry.  Since 1998 I have been a partner in a veterinary praxis, and equine dentistry was my hobby. I had a lot of continuing education in this part of medicine and heard about the school in Glenns Ferry.  In 2008 I started at the Academy of Equine Dentistry and in November 2010 I was Certified.- Germany

Kelvin Williams CEqD – I originally trained as a mechanic, specializing in heavy plant machinery.  The only horse power I was involved with had an engine and wheels; that is until meeting my future wife Sarah in 1995. After meeting Sarah who has been involved with and owned horses all of her life, I purchased Kizzie, a 16.3hh Warmblood mare.  Although she was very big and sometimes very stubborn – Kizzie, not Sarah – we made a great partnership and my love affair with the horse was born. There followed various courses in Natural Horsemanship.  I attained Parelli Level 1 and also various Monty Roberts courses, mainly because of my stubborn mare.   We operate a very successful Miniature Donkey Stud in the UK where we breed and show the finest Miniature donkeys. It was a problem with one of my horse’s wolf teeth and the complete lack of expert dental technicians in the area that led me to my first thoughts about becoming an EDT. After scouring the internet and researching what the course would entail, I was directed to the Academy of Equine Dentistry in Idaho.  It was here, with the skills and help of the Academy staff and trainers, and in particular just being part of a professional caring team that always puts the horse’s comfort first, that I Certified in Equine Dentistry. – United Kingdom