Academy News 3-31-11

Students for the February 2011 class were welcomed with an informal gathering at the wet lab on Sunday evening, February 6th, which happened to be Superbowl Sunday.  The game was available for those interested, and those who weren’t visited and got acquainted and reacquainted.  As usual, students came from all over the world.  One owner brought her horse from Arizona.  About 30 students from the Equine Science class from College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls, visited one afternoon.  They were welcomed with a short introduction upstairs – thanks, Chad – and then spent about an hour observing in the wet lab.  This is an annual field trip for them and we always look forward to their visits.

Bernie Fletcher instructed Anatomy class with Nick Stuckman and Stephenie Carpenter assisting.  In attendance were 12 students, of which six were repeating the class.   Equine dental instructors were John Fortkamp, Troy Walck and Chad Sandifer.

There were six new students, nine second level, and 17 third and fourth level students.  Six students certified including one who reinstated certification.  Congratulations!  See biographies at the end of this post.

  • Megan Knight, Lexington, KY
  • Andrew Portch, South Africa
  • Jeremy Spivey DVM, Platteville, CO
  • T. J. Steele, Zolfo Springs, FL
  • Romeo Vangoethemd, Belgium

In attendance for advanced class were 12 technicians; and three certified students completed the initial process of the examination level.  They passed the written exam and will attend two more sessions for the practical portion.  From now on, the maximum is two students at this level at any given class. If anyone is interested, please contact us for guidelines.

As well, if you have let your certification lapse and want to reinstate, let us know so we can help you with that process.  Attendance of both weeks is required at the fourth level tuition, presently $1,650, and attendance alone does not guarantee reinstatement.  Student must pass both written and practical exams.  We encourage attending Anatomy class; tuition for repeat students is $225.

Next class is scheduled for July 2011.  Contact the office to enroll.

  • Anatomy: July 13 – 15, 2011
  • Two-Week Dental: July 18 – 29, 2011
  • One-Week Advanced: July 25 – 29, 2011

ATTENTION:  Certified Students

When you enroll for advanced class, consider attending the first week as well for updated lectures.  Tuition for first week is only $200; second week is $500. The website states that students are required to pass exams at each level prior to advancing to the next.  The Board voted at the February meeting to make this policy.  Written exams will be taken at the end of each session.  All first time students will advance to second level regardless of test results, but beginning with the second level, students must pass in order to advance to the third, and so on.

Pulp Capping Kits – Two left @ $150 each-Contact office to order!

After February class and the annual ski trip, Nick Stuckman and Stephenie spent time helping with projects at the office, including setting up new computers for Kathy and Elana, moving the old ones to the wet lab, moving the copy machine to another room and connecting it to the computers, and so on.  Thanks to both of you.  It’s like a new lease on life in the office.

Hope you liked the new format for our newsletter!  We are still post mailing about 100 letters, so if you have email and we don’t have your address, please let us know.

We ended our session with a party back at the Wet Lab immediately following class on Friday with tacos and beverages.  After a bite to eat or with a plate to go, several folks took off, anxious to get on the road, while others stayed for the evening, and still others wrapped it up downtown.


Elana Gridley and Kathleen Stickney
Academy of Equine Dentistry Staff
Phone: 208/366-2315
Fax: 208/366-2340

Newly Certified in Equine Dentistry

Megan Knight – I was born and raised in Washington state. I was in love with horses from a very young age, and I rode and showed in jumpers and pleasure horses as a kid. At 12 years old, my family and I moved to Alaska. We bought several horses up there and embarked on the exciting journey of owning horses in Alaska. I first became interested in dentistry when I watched a vet work on a mare of mine. Later in life, I moved to Oregon, and while I was working on a ranch there, I heard about the Academy.  I did some research and decided that I needed to check it out. I attended my first class in August of 2008, and achieved my certification in February 2011. I’d like to thank everyone at the Academy for all of their knowledge and support, my father for always believing in me, and Carter Wilson for his mentorship and patience over the last couple of years! – Lexington, Kentucky

Andrew Portch –  Andrew has been involved with horses most of his life, mainly for sports and show jumping, and has gentled and backed many young horses and re-schooled problem horses and ex-race horses.  He lives on a small stud farm in Pretoria, South Africa.    Before beginning his instruction at the Academy, he attended Ashton International College RSA and obtained IGCSE’s in 2006, AS levels in 2007 and A level geography in 2008.   He then attended an Equine Owners course at Onderstepoort Veterinary Academic hospital Pretoria and Bayer course on parasites and colic in horses and received an AEDP Certificate of Equine Dentistry in 2009.  Andrew was only 19 when he first attended the Academy in July 2010. – South Africa

Jeremy Spivey DVM – My interest in horses began at an early age, and like the rest of you, I am eternally interested in learning more about the horse.   I have shod horses professionally for the last 21 years and obtained my Certified Farriers designation from the American Farriers Association in 2003.  This led me to wanting to learn more about lameness and pathologies of the hoof, so I decided to attend veterinary school.  It was there in August of 2006 that I met Dr. Nick Moore.  I owe my involvement, interest, and certification in dentistry to him.  My deepest gratitude to you Nick for all you do.  Additionally, thanks to Dale Jeffrey, Dr. Fletcher, Troy Walck, John Fortkamp, Wil Croncich, Doug Jergens, and the rest of the staff at the Academy.  I owe you all a great debt.
Along the way I’d like to express my deepest thanks to those horsemen who have helped me.  Burney Chapman, CJF, is eternally missed by myself, farriers, and horses around the world.  Jim Quick, CJF, has taught me more about a horse’s foot than anyone else alive today.  Thank you for your patience as I learn.  Rod Taylor and Ben Vargas of Cimarron, NM, are two of the greatest cowboys and horsemen that I have ever had the chance to meet.  I owe my horsemanship to you both.  To Bob Marshall of Boulder, CO, thank you for your friendship over the years and for taking the time with me when a young roper wanted to learn more.
What we learn at the Academy is found nowhere else on earth.  It is truly a special place.  I have spent most of my life wanting to learn more about horses and am continually blown away by the uniqueness of what the Academy offers.  I hope to continue to help dental technicians, veterinarians, farriers, and ultimately the horse learn more about each other. – Platteville, Colorado

T. J. Steele – Before beginning my equine dental education at the Academy in November 2009, I had attended Farrier school and Edison Community College and been in the Marine Corp.  I took numerous classes while in the military and was a sergeant when I got out.   I have worked full-time as a farrier for five years now as Lucky S Farrier Services and have rodeoed just about my whole life.  My work experience includes assisting my wonderful wife Liz and my father in law, large animal veterinarians, in their practices Three Oaks Equine Reproduction Center and Ridge Large Animal Veterinarian Service.  I thank both of them for all the help and support with pursuing equine dentistry.  I also thank my mentor Wil Croncich for his kindness in passing on his wealth of equine dentistry knowledge, and all the instructors, stall leaders, and faculty at the Academy of Equine Dentistry for this amazing learning opportunity.  God Bless!- Zolfo Springs, Florida