Academy news-July and November 2012 and February 2013 Classes




April 11, 2013


Greetings!     Since you last heard from us, we have held three equine dental sessions – in July and November 2012 and February 2013.  Again, students in attendance were from all over the world, coming together with the common goal of obtaining an education in equine dentistry.  Last fall, the IAED held its certification at our facilities immediately following November session.  The Equine Science class from College of Southern Idaho, Twin Falls visited both November and February sessions.

 Congratulations to our newly Certified technicians!   

July 2012:    Andrea Shepley CEqD and Ines Smole DVM, CEqD

November 2012:   Allan Barbosa DVM, CEqD  and  Briana Burge CEqD

February 2013:  Melanie Hoeck CEqD and Theo van Delft DVM, CEqD


We are busy now with enrollment for next session: Anatomy July 10-12 and Dental July 15-26, 2013.  Dates for our local Elmore County Fair coincide with the first week of dental class 17th – 20th,  and while that’s good in that there’s some extra action around here, housing options become limited, so students planning on attending should make lodging arrangements as soon as possible.



For those of you working in Texas, who have not already obtained a license,  our understanding is that from now on, to be licensed there, you are required to certify with the International Association of Equine Dentistry.  Attending the Academy of Equine Dentistry will prepare you for that.  Please call the office with any questions.


FFA Convention held in Indianapolis

Certified dental technicians Nick Stuckman RVT, CEqD, Kristy Chronister Workman RVT, CEqD and Jodi Miller CEqD represented the Academy at the annual National FFA convention in Indianapolis last fall.  Close to 100 attendees requested information and those contacts have been made.   Many are yet in high school, but several age groups were represented.     A tri-fold brochure with general information was prepared especially for this event for distribution, as well as pens.





Class Dates have been established for 2014.  Note Anatomy date changes for July and November 2013.  We will revert to Wednesday through Fridays.



A-100                Three-Day Anatomy                                        February 7-9, 2013

D-100 – 400     Two-Week Dental                                              February 11-22, 2013

D-500               One-Week Advanced Dental                             February 18-22, 2013


A-100               Three-Day Anatomy                                         July 10-12, 2013

D-100 – 400     Two-Week Dental                                              July 15-26, 2013

D-500               One-Week Advanced Dental                             July 22-26, 2013


A-100               Three-Day Anatomy                                         November 6-8, 2013

D-100 – 400      Two-Week Dental                                             November 11-22, 2013

D-500                One-Week Advanced Dental                            November 18-22, 2013



A-100              Three-Day Anatomy                                      February 12-14, 2014

D-100 -400      Two-Week Dental                                                       February 17-28, 2014

D-500              One-Week Advanced Dental                          February 24-28, 2014


A-100              Three-Day Anatomy                                      July 9-11, 2014

D-100-400       Two-Week Dental                                           July 14-25, 2014

D-500              One-Week Advanced Dental                          July 21-25, 2014


A-100              Three-Day Anatomy                                      November 5-7, 2014

D-100-400       Two-Week Dental                                                       November 10-21, 2014

D-500              One-Week Advanced Dental                          November 17-21, 2014



Please consider continuing your education at any of these upcoming sessions.  Looks like we’ll have a good size class in July, but there’s still room for you!!!  We try to plan some special activities over the weekend between the two-week class.  In February you can pretty much count on snow skiing with at least four ski resorts in the area, and in July a slow float down the Snake River to beat the heat.  Fishing and golfing are also options, as well as sight-seeing or just relaxing.   See attached articles from certified students or visit the website, and call the office if you have any concerns or questions.  Hope all is well with each and every one of you.   Sincerely,


Elana Gridley, Office Manager and John D. Fortkamp CEqD


                                                         Phone: 208/366-2315 or 2318

Fax: 208/366-2315 Call First!


February 2012

Niek Jansen CEqD has worked with Royal Dutch Sport horses and Friesian horses since he was eight years old.  He has had  experience working on a stud farm breeding horses and attended and passed a course dealing with insemination of horses.  His goal was to make a career in the health care of horses.  He first attended the Academy in November 2010.                                                                         – The Netherlands


Ruth Kosanetzky DVM, CEqD has owned a horse since she was 10 years of age and has had several years of experience in dressage tournaments.  After having obtained a veterinary degree and worked as a veterinarian, mainly with sport horses, she first attended the Academy in November 2010.                                                            – Germany


Jan Kroes DVM, CEqD – In 2002 I finished my veterinary education and started working as a veterinarian. In 2004 I became co-owner of a veterinary clinic in Schalkwijk (Utrecht). During my veterinary education my interest in dentistry had already started. A fellow student asked me to come and do some horse dentistry. In the first years I treated a lot of horses, mostly without sedation and by manual hand floating. That took a lot of horsemanship. The basics of balancing the mouth I learned from Jan and Gabrielle Broeze.  Both are veterinarians and studied at the Academy of Equine Dentistry. They advised me to attend the Academy because there is where I would learn specialized dentistry for horses.

Now, after some years of postgraduate studies, I am a veterinarian specialized in medical horse care and specialized dentistry. Dentistry now covers a big part of my work at the clinic.

Because of referrals from all over the Netherlands I get a lot of experience with extractions. I use different techniques like oral extraction, minimal invasive buccotomie, trephination and repulsion, etc. Mostly these extractions are done on the standing horse under an anesthesia of a cranial nerve.

My goal in the future is to focus some more on sinus scope, to be able to make better diagnoses in horses with one sided nasal discharge and to treat more specifically and accurately.

And of course I will go back to Idaho regularly to ensure that my knowledge  and practicing will be up to date.

Outside my work at the clinic I spend time with my wife and children and our animals. We have horses, sheep, chickens, rabbits, dogs and cats, so it is a busy household. Together, my wife and I break in young horses to learn to ride under the saddle and in front of a carriage. Apart from that, the sheep keep me busy especially in the lambing period of course. In my free time I like to ride and I enjoy doing work around the house. -The Netherlands


Erick Strick CEqD has had 30 plus years of experience with Quarterhorses, Thoroughbreds and  Draft horses; breaking, training, roping and riding bareback. He has a bachelor’s degree in science and attended horse shoeing school in 1994.   He desired to expand his knowledge in the field of equine healthcare and first attended the Academy in November 2010.                                                                            – Shattuck, Oklahoma


July 2012

Andrea Shepley RVT, CEqD – For the past ten years, most of my career as an RVT has centered around equine ambulatory service, orthopedics and medical imaging.  My experience and studies in dentistry began three years ago when I started assisting with dentistry at the veterinary practice where I’ve worked since 2006.  I realized that I had an interest in the field and my goal became to acquire as much knowledge pertaining to equine dentistry as possible.   After attending the Academy of Equine Dentistry for the first time, that interest developed into a passion, and the rest is history.  There is nothing I enjoy more than sharing the knowledge I have gained to educate others and utilizing it to help the horse.  Thank you to the following for all of their support in helping me attain this goal:  everyone at San Dieguito Equine Group, in particular Drs. Paul McClellan and Mike Manno; everyone at the Academy, including all of the stall leaders who put in their time to teach and share their experiences; and Mike Grigsby for sharing his wealth of knowledge and displaying the level of professionalism the field of equine dentistry needs.  See you all in 18 months!                                                                             – San Diego, California


Over the years Ines Smole DVM, CEqD has worked with many breeds of horses, Thoroughbreds, Franche-Mountain horses, and Quarterhorses, riding, driving and groundwork.  She studied at the University of Berne, Switzerland and has a medical veterinary degree.  Ines had an interest in equine dentistry and wanted to be self-employed.  She first attended the Academy  in May 2009 and now has her own dental business, and it is off to a great start.                                                                                        – Switzerland


November 2012

Allan Barbosa DVM, CEqD attended University Pinhalense in Brazil, where he studied veterinary medicine and received some equine dental training.  He was specifically interested  in equine dentistry and felt it was an important part of healthcare for the horse.  He first attended the Academy in November 2011.                                          – Brazil

Briana Burge CEqD was fortunate to surround herself with horses since the tender age of three.  At age six, she began to ride English and participated in the Hunter/Jumper show circuit in California.  By age 12 she had her own horse, an Arabian gelding named Trapper.  From there she enjoyed both Hunter/Jumpers and riding Western for pleasure.  After high school, she and Trapper left for college and worked for five summers on a guest ranch in northwestern Montana.  The job included herd health and maintenance of over 100 head of ranch horses.  In December 2010 after 19 years together, Trapper and Bri said goodbye to each other.  Her goal to continue working with horses, both privately and professionally, and to  improve the lives of as many as possible she owes to Trapper.  Bri earned a Bachelor’s degree in Spanish from the University of Montana at Missoula, and first attended the Academy in February 2011.  She thanks Jim Ford CEqD for working with her and helping her to certification.                            – Missoula, Montana






February 2013

Melanie Hoeck CEqD first certified with the Academy in November 2000 and now returned in February to reinstate her Academy certification.  She has been working throughout the years with her husband John Hoeck DVM who certified in February 2000 and has maintained that status through regular continuing education.   – Wendell, Idaho


Theo Van Delft DVM, CEqD first attended the Academy back in 2001 and 2002 and returned in 2010 to pursue certification.  He is a veterinarian and has been practicing dentistry for over 10 years, working in Germany as head of the dentistry department at a large equine hospital.