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March 17, 2014

Hello from Glenns Ferry, Idaho and Happy St. Patrick’s Day: We’ve had a mild winter, good for horse owners traveling with horses to class and great golfing weather. Just in time for February class, we got snow in the mountains, so that was perfect for a couple of day ski trips. Now spring is springing and we’ve had some much needed precipitation in the form of rain.

November 2013 and February 2014 classes combined consisted of 18 D-100, 14 D-200, 29 D-300/400, and 28 D-500 students. Instructors and assistants were John Fortkamp, Bernie Fletcher DVM, Nick Stuckman RVT, Troy Walck, Stephenie Carpenter, Daan Staller DVM, Martijn Goumans and Chad Sandifer. Visitors were Boise State University pre-veterinary club in November and College of Southern Idaho Equine Science class both November and February.

Congratulations to our Certified Technicians!!!
November 2013
Janine Beck DVM, CEqD, Michelbach, Germany
Allen Etheridge DVM, CEqD, Starkville, Mississippi, USA
Jorge Ferreira CEqD, Brewster, New York, USA
February 2014
Lisa Holmgren CEqD, Sweden and Paul’s Valley, Oklahoma USA
Ambros Jungwirth DVM, CEqD, Sarleinsbach, Austria
Sean Strain DVM, CEqD, Bonner Springs, Kansas, USA

Advanced instructor Ben Koertje will be on board for upcoming session, July 14-25; Anatomy is scheduled for July 9-11, 2014. So far, it’s looking like a good size class, but there’s still room for you. Please call at your earliest convenience to enroll for continuing education.

FFA Convention
For the second time we participated in the National FFA Convention held in Louisville, Kentucky, October 30th to November 2nd, 2013. Certified dental technicians Nick Stuckman RVT, Kristy Chronister RVT, and Jodi Miller again represented the Academy as they did at the 2012 convention in Indianapolis.
Board of Directors
The directors met during February session to conduct regular business.
Class dates for 2015 established
Tuition Changes
Policy Revisions: Certification – Endorsement Program
IAED Certification

Upcoming Dental Class Dates for 2014 and 2015
A-100 Three-Day Anatomy July 9-11, 2014
D-100-400 Two-Week Dental July 14-25, 2014
D-500 One-Week Advanced Dental July 21-25, 2014

A-100 Three-Day Anatomy November 5-7, 2014
D-100-400 Two-Week Dental November 10-21, 2014
D-500 One-Week Advanced Dental November 17-21, 2014

A-100 Three-Day Anatomy February 18-20, 2015
D-100-400 Two-Week Dental February 23-March 6, 2015
D-500 One-Week Advanced Dental March 2-6, 2015

A-100 Three-Day Anatomy July 8-10, 2015
D-100-400 Two-Week Dental July 13-24, 2015
D-500 One-Week Advanced Dental July 20-24, 2015

A-100 Three-Day Anatomy November 4-6, 2015
D-100-400 Two-Week Dental November 9-20, 2015
D-500 One-Week Advanced Dental November 16-20, 2015

A-100 3-day Anatomy $ 970.00
A-100 Repeat Optional 240.00
D-100 2-week Dental 4,600.00
D-200 2-week Dental 3,200.00
D-300 2-week Dental 1,800.00
D-400 1 or 2-week Dental 1,100.00*
D-500 1-week Advanced Dental 600.00
D-500 1-week Outside Academy 1,500.00

*Note: Tuition is adjusted to help offset $750 IAED Certification fee.

Academy Policy Revisions

Certification Discontinued
Effective immediately, beginning with July 2014 session, the Academy will no longer “certify” students, but rather will “endorse” successful D-400 students.
All requirements remain for D-400 fourth level.

Academy D-400 Endorsement Program
This two-week course is for students who are ready for practical examination.
Those who have acquired 330 credit hours and passed the written test at D-300 level and met all other requirements are eligible and required to attend second week only for 50 credits for a total of 380.
Most students come for both weeks or Thursday and Friday of the first week as well.
Students must pass written and practical examinations.
Tuition is $1,100 regardless of days attending.

IAED Certification for future Academy Endorsed Technicians
Upon successful completion of D-400 students have the option of attempting certification with the IAED.
A Letter of Recommendation from the school will be provided on behalf of the student and
IAED will hold its certification here at our facility. Certification fee is $750.00.

IAED Certification for Academy Certified Technicians
Academy certified technicians and others have an opportunity to be recognized as certified by the
International Association of Equine Dentistry.
We believe it is in the best of interest of all involved in the industry – associations, schools and individuals – to unite as a strong presence to set a standard in equine dentistry.
All students certified through the Academy should have received a notice from us in January.
We have been in touch with many of you, but not all, so please contact us right away for any assistance.
We will be glad to provide records and guide you with the application.
Please give this your immediate attention and avoid a certification process at some later date.
The deadline is April 15, 2014.
Academy D-500 Continuing Education
This five-day class is worth 50 credit/hours of continuing education for our advanced students.
As we will no longer be certifying, it is imperative Academy certified students continue to meet the requirement of 50 credit hours every two years to maintain Academy certification.
All future students certifying with IAED are encouraged to maintain a high standard by attending the D-500 advanced class every two years, which fulfills the requirement to maintain Academy Endorsement as well as the IAED continuing education requirement.

This class is open to individuals who have not studied at the Academy – for continuing educational purposes only.
Those qualified are certified equine dental technicians or veterinarians or others who are
advanced in equine dentistry.
Attendance records are provided but credits do not count toward advancement within the Academy program.
Applications are considered on an individual basis to insure eligibility.

Please call the office for any clarification you may need regarding the contents of this letter. If I have not covered something, let me know. We hope you are all doing well and always look forward to seeing you again.

Elana Gridley, Office Manager and John Fortkamp CEqD

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