Newsletter – December 2014

Greetings and first things first – the weather.

After an unusually mild fall, winter hit hard and fast on Thursday and Friday of the first week of November session with a snow-rain mix and icy roads. Of course that hindered our horse owners’ ability to show up and we had many cancellations, so we decided to hold lab on Saturday, November 15th. No one seemed to mind. We also suffered a power outage one morning for several hours, and thankfully this was on a lecture day.

We had a great class, consisting of ten Anatomy students, and eight D-100, nine D-200, nine D-300/400, and 16 D-500 students. Instructors and assistants were John Fortkamp, Dr. Bernie Fletcher, Nick Stuckman RVT, Troy Walck, Stephenie Carpenter and Dr. Daan Staller.

Congratulations to our November 2014 Endorsed Technicians!!!

  • Kendell Metcalf DVM
  • Andreas Weiss DVM
  • Ashley Whitcher

All are also now IAED certified.

Kendell Metcalf DVM  –  Kendell has had years of experience in rodeo performance and working with Quarter horses.  He began the Academy program with the intent of adding dentistry to his skills as a veterinarian and farrier.  Kendell practices equine veterinary medicine out of a clinic in Texas and he and his wife Meaghan have two young daughters.

“I have to say that I am very happy to be a part of such a great group of people. I feel that what is being taught here should be the standard in equine dental care and it has made a huge impact on my practice.  I do have to give credit where credit is due.  If not for crossing paths with Nick Moore a few years back, I would have never known about the Academy. Thank you to all those who helped me perfect my skills along the way and for the support staff at the Academy – you all are the best. If I am capable of helping further the cause in the future I am here to help in any way I can.”

– Weatherford, Texas, USA


Andreas Weiss DVM –  Andreas has had many years’ experience with Warm bloods and Ponies, riding from age 16 and participating in classic dressage since 2006.  He has been a veterinarian since 1993 and in the last few years has concentrated on equine dentistry.  He accomplished certification within one year, first attending the Academy in November 2013.

“I enjoyed attending the Academy of Equine Dentistry and meeting new friends and colleagues.  I look forward  to returning for continuing education.”

-Thurgau, Switzerland

Ashley Whitcher  –  Ashley was just 18 years of age and right out of high school when she first attended the Academy two years ago.  She has worked with horses for 15 years and participated in horse shows and was an active member of 4-H.

“I was introduced to equine dentistry by an Academy certified technician who worked on my horses’ teeth.  I was amazed.   I had always planned on becoming a veterinarian, but upon recommendation to attend the Academy of Equine Dentistry, decided to pursue this field of equine care.  I’m so thankful for all the wonderful, helpful people I met through the school, and achieving certification was most definitely an extraordinary moment.”

– Grayling, Michigan, USA


Policy Changes

For one day of attendance, eight credit hours are earned –  instead of ten.

Required continuing education credit hours are now 32 – rather than 50 every 18 months,

translating to four – instead of five days, but we do encourage advanced students to come

for the full week for 40 credit hours. Designated stall leaders are required to attend seven days.

We wish you all a happy and peaceful holiday season.

Elana Gridley, Office Manager and John Fortkamp CEqD