Anatomy 100 outline

Anatomy 100 Outline ·        Bone    1.  Composition 2.  Function 3.  Deposition and absorption 4.  Environmental adaption 5.  Fracture repair 6.  Endocrine regulation 7.  Periosteum 8. Types of Joints 9.  Temporomandibular Joint (anatomy and function) 10.  Hyoid apparatus  (anatomy and function) 11.  Skull wet lab (identification of the different bones of the head, location of articulations, […]

Academy News 3-31-11

Students for the February 2011 class were welcomed with an informal gathering at the wet lab on Sunday evening, February 6th, which happened to be Superbowl Sunday.  The game was available for those interested, and those who weren’t visited and got acquainted and reacquainted.  As usual, students came from all over the world.  One owner […]

Academy news December 2010

GREETINGS! November’s Anatomy class consisted of 16 students at all levels of equine dentistry, instructed by Dr. Bernie Fletcher and Nick Stuckman RVT, CEqD, with assistance from Stephenie Carpenter.  Dental class unofficially began Sunday night with a Welcome Party at the Wet Lab, which was really a great way to get acquainted and reacquainted.  Dental […]

Academy News

              Universal School of Horse Dentistry, Inc.                    dba Academy of Equine Dentistry P.O. Box 999, 242 E. 1st Ave. Glenns Ferry, Idaho 83623          October 10, 2010 GREETINGS!       We had a great class in July attended by 16 PG-1, 7 PG-2, three PG-3 and three PG-4 students, and 15 Certified technicians attended advanced […]

Abscessed 406

Case History: This 3 year old QH gelding was brought to the wet lab in February 2010 to evaluate a swollen mandible with a large open abscess.  This horse was kicked by another pasture horse and shortly after a swelling in the left mandible was noticed.  This area continued to enlarge over a 2 week […]