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         October 10, 2010


We had a great class in July attended by 16 PG-1, 7 PG-2, three PG-3 and three PG-4 students, and 15 Certified technicians attended advanced class.  Instructor John Fortkamp was assisted by advanced instructor Ben Koertje and two-week instructor Troy Walck and assistant Carter Wilson. 15 were in attendance for Anatomy, instructed by Dr. Bernie Fletcher, Nick Stuckman, and Stephenie Carpenter. We wrapped up the session by celebrating at the Three Island State Park on Friday night.  It was a lovely evening and setting, and most of us were there until after dark, visiting and saying our good-byes.   

Congratulations to our students who certified in July!

John Comerford CEqD –  Co. Kilkenny, Ireland

James Miller CEqD – Sweetwater, Tennessee

Scott Vaughn CEqD – Lodi, California

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Upcoming Class

We are busy preparing for November class!

 Please consider continuing education!   There’s still time to enroll!

Anatomy                      November 3 – 5, 2010

                                                            Two-Week Dental        November 8-19, 2010

                                                            One-Week Advanced  November 15-19, 2010

Students are now preparing their own power point presentations,

and we are setting up computer stations at the Wet Lab to facilitate this process.



Board members met July 25, 2010, to conduct regular business.

The Advanced program has been upgraded to an Examination Level. 

Please inquire for guidelines regarding certification requirements and testing.

Field Trips

The Memorial Day Weekend field trip was moved from Bishop to Sonora due to flooding.  Three students only were in attendance; one newly enrolled for July, one PG-3 student and one who certified in July; and all benefitted from the one-on-one learning experience, working with Ben Koertje and Darrin Baker.   The September Mammoth Lakes field trip was cancelled due to lack of enrollment.  We have instructors who are eager and willing to provide these trips, and we will continue to sponsor them if there is enough participation.   Let us know if you are interested!

We hope all of you are doing well.  We encourage you to come back any time for continuing education!!!


Sincerely, Academy of Equine Dentistry

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Newly Certified Articles


JULY 2010

John Comerford CEqD  –   I attended Irish National Stud Farrier School and have spent 25 plus years working as a farrier with showjumpers, racehorses, eventers, polo poines, hunters and driving horses.  I have participated in Showjumping, Hunting, Pony Club, Eventing and Raceriding, and have had experience breaking horses and training racehorses.  I attended my first course at the Academy in May 2006 and certified in July 2010.

                                                                                                                                    -Co. Kilkenny, Ireland           


James Miller CEqD – I grew up in south Florida and currently live in Sweetwater, Tennessee.  I have been in the horse industry most of my life. During high school I rode cutting horses in the southeast including Florida High School Rodeo. I graduated from Texas Christian University and during my summers I worked for world champion cutting horse trainer Greg Welch, son of Buster Welch. During this time I started a lot of colts on cattle. Shortly after college, I began getting into team roping. I travel all over competing in rodeos and USTRC ropings.  I had met some certified equine dentists who attended the Academy and had one of them work on a rope horse of mine. I noticed the difference it made on my horse and was very impressed and wanted to learn more about this field. I have always enjoyed working with horses and horse owners. I now have a great practice that allows me to travel all over and make a difference in horses. I would like to thank John Fortkamp for allowing me to travel with him and giving me pointers. I would also like to thank Carter Wilson and Roger Kelsey.


Sweetwater, Tennessee                                                   

Scott Vaughn CEqD –  I have been around horses all my life.  Team Roping has always been a passion and training just goes with the roping.  I have been blessed with the opportunity to work with some of the best trainers, vets and farriers in our area.  There is always something new to learn.

I have worked in the automotive industry as a technician, a foreman and in management.  I carry 14 automotive masters and still work as a Technical Operations Supervisor on the West Coast for VW Credit and Audi finance (VWOA).

I became interested in Equine Dentistry when I had to call a friend of mine (who came to this school) to do some dentistry on our own horses.  After watching and listening to him, I thought, “I need to learn this” and I became hooked.  The more I learned, the more I wanted to learn. I have always wanted to do something that included horses besides roping and THIS was IT. The gratification I get from working on horses and helping them out is beyond words.

I had a lot of help from my wife Kathi who supports me greatly and is my biggest fan.  I also would like to thank Ben Koertje and Darrin Baker along with the great people I have met along the way at the Academy. My appreciation goes out to the instructors and staff of the Academy of Equine Dentistry.                                     

Lodi, California